Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Official Ukulele Cowboy Society Tour Bus and RV

Hey Cats and Kittens!  It's about time to introduce the Official Ukulele Cowboy Society Tour Bus and RV.  This blog will track the transformation of the RV from then to now! Enjoy!

This is what we started with! About a year ago, we decided to invest in our future, open up our opportunities to play and tour around the country, starting a new chapter in our lives.

So, we brought home a classic 1977 Ford Brougham 22" Motorhome. Here's a shot of Jesse posing for the camera:

and Michael doing the same: 

and a few more shots of the exterior and the great awning:

and the interior with all the necessary appointments:

"Great Bones" as they say. Clean and ready to go but far from the vision that we had for the offical Ukulele Cowboy Society Tour Bus and Mobile Home. Big changes were in the future of this fine RV. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

World Premiere of Video, "After You've Gone" finally Released!!!!

After much fun, hard work, anticipation and 2 "Coming Soon" Previews, The Ukulele Cowboy Society is proud to release their music video, "After You've Gone" from the song of the same name.

The video can be seen on You Tube, by accessing their website ( or on their Face Book Page. It's 4 minutes of Screw-Ball Comedy with a little Armageddon thrown in for Fun!

The song was written in 1917 and has endured for almost 100 years now because it's about topics that are timeless - misery, love and revenge! In fact, it's such a great piece of music that we included it on our first CD, "Phantom Heart" that was released earlier this year.

Thank-you, for listening and watching! We love and need your continued support.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Morning Heartache Video

Hey Everyone! Here's a new video of The Ukulele Cowboy Society's performance of Good Morning Heartache at Galleria Evangelia.
Hope you enjoy it:

The Minions Have Arrived!!!

Well it's already March and I think it's fair to say that time got away from us because we have been so busy! Busy playing Gigs, booking Gigs, learning new material, writing new material, making our first music video for our new Cd, "Phantom Heart" etc., etc., etc... but most importantly we have been busy training and working with our latest additions to the machine that is becoming
The Ukulele Cowboy Society... THE INTERNS, known affectionately as "The Minions" (Cue suspenseful music here!)

Since late January we have had the pleasure of having the time and talents of 2 wonderful young women, Jadin and Betsy. They are doing all kinds of work with us to make this process run (more) smoothly - like paperwork, research, art projects, sewing/costume design, social networking and the addition of the long awaited UCS T-Shirt!!!!!

Their very presence and impending bi-weekly arrival makes us plan, produce and just basically straighten-up-and-fly-right! We feel really fortunate and really, really scared!!!!